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Rome’s 10 best places for a special “Aperitivo”

dar Ciriola

In Italy “Aperitivo” means good food + drink, all included in a “fixed price“, to enjoy together with your friends and local people.

What? Yes, every day from 18:00 to 21:00 friends and colleagues in Rome and other Italian cities, meet with new people for a nice appetizer called “Aperitivo”.

In fact, the Eternal City offers a variety of breathtaking places, where “Aperitivo” is a gourmet experience draped in historic context and welcoming happy local persons. Bars, pubs and cafés offer special local and experimental dishes or abuffet including: finger food, pizza and typical Italian cuisine as tramezzini, pasta, bruschette and salads. All to accompany your preferred drink!

The drink we suggest for you, is a Roman classic called “Spritz“. This spectacular orange/red colored drink is made of Prosecco, Campari, Aperol or white wine and sparkling water. If you prefer, you can order a glass of fine Italian wine, craft beer, cocktail or a non-alcoholic drink!

Today, we will recommend 10 of the very best typical Roman places for a classic Aperitivo. Enjoy!

A Rota Libera Piazza Giovanni Da Triora, 5 (Garbatella area) Aperitivo fixed price 7€ Located in the Garbatella area, in walking dictance from the Garbatella Metro station. One of the most characteristic and suggestive areas of Rome, A Rota Libera is a vintage bar. Here, all is Km0 and the offers varies according to the products of the season. A cutting board supports the delicacies. You can choose between vegan, with plenty of vegetables, fried food, pasta dishes, Italian supplì, couscous, meat and much more. We suggests that you taste the beers!

Baccano Via delle Muratte, 23 (Trevi Fountain) Aperitivo fixed price10€ Located in a building dating back to the 800s, a few steps from the Trevi Fountain. The bar/restaurant is a precious place, where they cross different styles and tastes. Here you can take a glass of wine, a spritz or prosecco, accompanied with special homemade treats.

Bar del Fico Piazza del Fico, 26 (Navona Square) Aperitivo fixed price 5/8€ This cool bar and restaurant is located just a few steps from Piazza del Popolo.

The Bar del Fico is a legend in Rome! The square, the tree, the bar, the aperitivo, just say “see you at Fico” and everyone will understand. You can sit indoors or out in the evocative square. A bar designed with vintage, chic and refined interiors. During the aperitivo time they offer a buffet including sauces, vegetables and focaccia (Italian bread) with a glass of wine or a cocktail. All in a trendy atmosphere and young environment!

dar Ciriola Via Pausania, 2 (Pigneto area) Piazza Buenos Aire, 17 (Quartiere Coppedè) Aperitivo fixed price 5€ dar Ciriola, the name already tells the menu: ciriola, the typical traditional, Roman bread. This place has two shops: one in Pigneto and the other in Coppedè (Buenos Aires square). You can taste various sandwiches with fresh regional ingredients, while watching the experts making your sandwich. The philosophy of dar Ciriola is to use typical ingredients from Lazio (porchetta, coppiette, cacio prenestino cheese and more). The ironic names of the sandwiches are in the original roman dialect (er Dopato, er Losco, er Burino and more). You can choose between many fine wines and local beers! We suggest this place for a genuine aperitif!

Fafiuchè Via Madonna dei Monti, 28 (Monti area) Aperitivo fixed price 8€ You will find Fafiuchè in the Monti district, close to Colosseum. It is a small and cozy place. It has an intimate atmosphere and the food is inspired from the Italian regions of Puglia and Piedmont (the owners are from these regions). The aperitifs are unique! A buffet with special dishes like risotto, carpaccio with mozzarella cheese of buffalo milk, hot and cold sauces, croutons, meat and other typical products of the season, including various bruschettas. All of which can be accompanied with a good glass of Italian wine. We recommend this place specially for wine lovers!

Fermento Via Cicerone, 61 (Prati area) Aperitivo fixed price 8/10€ A welcoming atmosphere in the heart of the Prati area. The food here is great and the aperitivo is the “Moment of Ferment“! In these few hours of the day, you can choose from 4 types of aperitivo: buongustaio (3 oysters), pescatore (3 mini tartare of fish), norcino (cutting board of cured meats and cheeses) and salutista (raw delicacies cooked with vegetables). All combined with a glass of wine, prosecco, beers or special cocktails.

Hotel Locarno Lounge Bar Via della Penna 22 (Popolo Square) Aperitivo fixed price 10/15€ You will find the elegant Locarno Lounge Bar in Hotel Locarno. This fantastic bar has a relaxed style. It’s situated right next to Piazza del Popolo. The bar is located on the ground floor of the hotel, in a cozy room with open fire during the cold winter days, while in summer you can enjoy the amazing courtyard. Ideal for a delicious aperitif: finger-food dishes with classic and fancy drinks!

Porto Fluviale via del Porto Fluviale 22 (Ostiense area) Aperitivo fixed price 10€ A few steps from Piramide, next to the metro station in the street art district, you will find Porto Fluviale. It’s a trendy and smart place with an industrial-chic style! Here you can taste savory and sweet treats from theNaples tradition: fries, parmigiana, sfogliatelle and more. Something to drink? Cocktails, beers and good wine. Perfect for a cool aperitif!

Salotto Caronte Via Machiavelli, 23 (Manzoni area) Aperitivo fixed price 8/10€ You will find Salotto Caronte near Pizza San Giovanni and only a few minutes from metro Manzoni. It is a cozy and homely bar and restaurant, offering a nice atmosphere, just like home. The restaurant is divided into an area with sofas, where you can enjoy your aperitivo and another room, which is the restaurant. A perfect place to enjoy a light aperitivo, like bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and a bowl of couscous.

Salotto 42 Piazza di Pietra, 42 (Pietra Square) Aperitivo fixed price 10€ Salotto42 started in Rome as a bookbar in the unique Piazza di Pietra, facing the amazing Temple of Hadrian. Here you can enjoy a metropolitan atmosphere in an ancient Roman square. Trendy, beautiful and central, it’s the perfect place for a nice aperitivo. In fact, here the aperitivo is considered to be the bar’s specialty, with a buffet (with a wide selection of organic and vegetarian dishes) and exclusive cocktails.

Enjoy your Aperitivo in Rome!

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