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5 places in Rome to love, see, breathe and touch Architecture and Design

Rome, the Eternal City with an architecture that introduced the arch, the arena and the mausoleum. It has influenced the development of the entire world! Rome, this very particular place that is so, rich in history where the different eras of

western civilization often have been fused together with the ancient piazzas, streets and even homes. The city where art, archeology, architecture and culture blend wonderfully. Colosseum, Ara Pacis, Vaticano and other monuments are the magic symbols of ancient architecture and art in Rome, which reflects on human kind in general. Today we want to invite you to experience the more contemporary Rome. You will discover the Eternal City from another point of view!

Maxxi Museum

Walking along Via Guido Reni, in the Flaminio Discrict, we find ourselves in front of a huge and wonderful building. Yes, we are talking about the Maxxi Museum, designed by Zaha Hadid in 2010.

The name MAXXI stands for “Museum of art from the XXI century”. It was created to promote art and architecture through conservation, collection and exhibition of contemporary works. The MAXXI also includes an auditorium, library, bookshop and cafeteria, as well as spaces for temporary exhibitions, outdoor spaces, live events and commercial activities, laboratories, and places for study and leisure.

The museum is like a campus of art and culture. The MAXXI creates an urban space for the city that can be enjoyed by all.

We strongly suggest you to spend some time in the museum, to immerse yourself in creativity and the beauty that this place offers. As Zaha Hadid said “I see the MAXXI as an immersive urban environment for the exchange ofideas, feeding the cultural vitality of the city”.

Ponte della Musica

If you are in Rome on a sunny day, we suggest you to rent a bicycle and cross the river Tiber (near the Olympic Stadium and the Flaminio quarter). Go to Ponte della Musica. The bridge is one of the symbols of contemporary roman design and it connects the auditorium of the Music Park, the Villa Glori park, the museum MAXXI and the Olympic Stadium, with it sports complex along the Foro Italico (Italian Forum), together with the green area of Monte Mario. Designed by Powell-Williams architet, it is the first public pedestrian bridge to cross the Tiber since Roman times. If you are lucky you can attend a live concert in the Olympic Stadium or a live street performance in the charming atmosphere on the bridge. Enjoy the city fully!

Fonderie, Dolci & Design

We love design, for us, the beauty of it is not only something you see but also something to eat! We like to introduce you to a special place, that introduces design as a core element in the production of traditionals sweets, both Italian and International.

Fonderie Dolci & Design is located in the heart of Prati, Fabio Massimo Street 79. Cake design, giant cookies, plum cakes, tarts, biscuits, Operà cake, cake pops or wedding cakes, sweets masterpieces of design, fruit, cream, cheesecake. Everything comes in an attractive packaging, which shows that attention is made to every little detail. We suggest that you visit this patisserie beacuse as it states on the wall of the shop: “Love is not the answer, chocolate is!

Casa dell’architettura

A few steps from Termini station, at the center of a small garden in the square of Manfredo Fanti, there is the Acquario Romano. In this little paradise, you will find the headquarters of the Roman Architecture Association called “House of Architecture”. The structure is circular with a portico and newsstands. After a period where it was more or less abandoned, it was restored and is now used as a museum and place to hold concerts. In 2012 it become the official headquarter of the Architecture Association, promoting Roman architectural culture and contemporary architecture through meetings, exhibitions and conferences of both national and International character. We suggest you to visit this place to see where contemporary architecture is mixed with a late 800s building to create the future architecture of Rome.

Secondome Gallery

Just a few minutes from the Testaccio Bridge, in a ex gym, there is a magical place: Secondome Gallery. Secondome is a gallery and contemporary brand. A design platform that focuses on designers worldwide and innovative projects. The Gallery dedicates its installation space to the design works it hosts. Mostly handmade products, honoring the craft and practice of contemporary artisanship, reflecting the traditional values of design whilst breaking the mold of lifeless objects d’art. The old architecture complements the modern designs and product made for your home, represented by Italian an Internationals designers. Beautiful lamps, chairs, and the best of bookshelf. This brand is defined by our founder as “hard and pure”!

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